Unconventional Talks connects, integrates, and collaborates to raise awareness, and inspire change in the areas of Art, Architecture and Design. Unconventional Talks designs forums and conversations. It partners with existing organizations, and brings together experts to define solutions, and inspire action.


We connect with programs that serve communities, we celebrate care, compassion, and strength. We collaborate with people to share voices, and inspire others to enhance spiritual, physical, and mental awareness.


We believe that Unconventional Ideas can be a path to true change. Unconventional ideas can be unwelcome, but the Unconventional can also be a positive — sometimes vital — catalyst for change. It can challenge old assumptions and create new possibilities. The Unconventional often brings a unique light on difficult issues, giving a fresh perspective to the challenges of our communities.


Unconventional Talks focuses on facilitating more meaningful conversations, and brings the spirit of change into our communities.